What to wear to your photo session

One of the most frequently asked questions I get in regards to photo sessions is "What should we wear?"

Choosing outfits for a photo session can be simple. It might seem tricky when you are getting multiple family members together for a group session, or when you just aren't sure how to coordinate, but fear not I have 3 simple tips to help you and your loved ones pull off a stylish cohesive look for a timeless portrait session!

1. Choose solids over busy patterns

Busy patterns can be distracting, but solid colors allow your eye to focus on faces rather than outfits when looking at a photo. Choose calming tones like blues and grays, or for something with more of a 'POP' pink and peach tones look great!

2. Mix & match tones

The key to coordinating outfits in a large group is choosing a color scheme to mix and match tones. For example, rather than everyone having white shirts and grey pants, just tell the group that you are going to wear "shades of grey" and see what they come up with. Usually your end result will be something like this: Person 1 : white pants and a dark grey shirt, Person 2: light grey shirt and dark grey pants, Person 3: white dress etc.

This end result will have your group looking 'mix and match' with cohesive tones...rather than too 'matchy matchy'. In the photo above, they chose 'shades of blue'. In the photo below, they chose 'blue and ivory'.

3. Match colors to your location

When in doubt about choosing colors, I recommend matching to your location. For a beach session, I especially love pastel blue, grey, ivory, denim and peachy/pink as color options. For park or downtown sessions, forest green or pale pink looks great because it accents the foliage and flowers.