3 Things this couple did differently on their wedding day that produced EPIC PHOTOS

I know, I know, rain on your wedding day can put a huge kink in your plans. Supposedly it's 'good luck' if it rains on your wedding day, although I don't know many couples who wish for it. This couple though, Louisa and Jordan made a few decisions that lead to some AMAZING photos....despite the rain, and the mud!

    1. Don't worry about the weather, instead, EMBRACE IT. Louisa and Jordan knew that the rain was coming. Instead of having a sour mood and staying indoors, they popped open those umbrellas, laced up their hiking boots, and had a blast!
    2. Don't be afraid to get dirty. This couple was fearless when it came to hiking, jumping across slippery rocks, getting wet, laying on the ground, and getting their clothes dirty. Their 'let's have fun' attitudes show in their smiles in EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. Louisa could have cared less that the edges of her dress got a bit muddy. She wore hiking boots for peats sake!
    3. Incorporate all the special places and sentimental stuff and make time for it in the timeline. One thing that was really important to this bride and groom was the photos. They were suuuper laid back about most of the wedding plans, but photos were a top priority. It was important to them and they valued the time that was necessary to capture these images. We planned our time around the lighting, making our last stop at a 'look out point' for the sunset. We incorporated all the spots that were special to them and scenic. This seems like a no-brainer, but I can't tell you how many times I shoot a wedding and the couple says 'oh just a few photos are fine'. The photos are the one thing that will last long after the wedding day, and the only thing you will have to look back on. The flowers will die. The centerpieces will go in the trash. No one will remember what Hors d'oeuvres you served. But the photos will be there to look back on. Don't skimp on the sentimental stuff. Incorporate your aunt Sally's handkerchief and that bracelet that was passed down from your great-grandmother. Create your timeline around photos + lighting and travel to the places that are meaningful to you. Make time to document this special day because it only happens once and it doesn't last long!