We all strive for confidence in our self, in our work, and honestly in everything we pursue. The definition is simple - Confidence: A feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. It seems easy enough to appreciate one's own abilities or qualities, right? Not for everyone! {Even though you are all amazing!}. Good news though finding your confidence is fun, it's exciting, and it's rewarding! As a photographer, I find that some people are naturally confident in front of the camera while others shy away from the lens. But what I've also discovered is that whenever I get to capture a special moment in someone's life, I get to see their confidence unfold! And what a sight that is. Recently I had the pleasure of shooting this adorable couple, Lily and Noah's, wedding out at Pit Street Bridge. The couple was so sweet and in love. Lily showed a prime example of unfolding confidence in front of the camera. In these moment's of happiness I got to capture her confidence in herself and in her relationship all in one moment. Just being her true self in front of the camera resulted in beautiful images. Love and happiness was captured in these photos. So whether it is in front of the camera or in your every day life remember to bust out that confidence because confidence looks good on everyone!001 crop0129005crop0191crop0313crop0288 crop0308 003crop0270004crop_0363002