Doing magazine photography

I am thrilled to announce that I am officially the main staff photographer for Pink, a women's lifestyle Magazine. Pink originally started in Hilton Head, and has grown to St. Simon and just recently to Charleston. The team has welcomed me with open arms and fun attitudes! I love the crew, and I am excited about all the new opportunities that have been presented to me through working with them.This past issue, I was given the opportunity to shoot 3 different portraits of greatly inspiring women. Tammy Lyons is a health coach who helps women take charge of their life by guiding them to make healthier choices while digging deep into the root emotional issues that drive unhealthy behaviors. Judi Morningstar is the founder of a local 50+ women's social group, connecting women to have fun and build new friendships. Robin Hargett is a performer who empowers women to connect with their creative passion through the art of belly dancing. These women are so inspiring and courageous in the ways that they have found their passion and share it with the community. It was such an honor last week to meet them and hear their stories.Here's a few shots that I loved the most from our shoots, and the printed articles in Pink Magazine. Take a look at the latest June issue in all the local stores and coffee shops. It's easy to find, it's the magazine that's huge and pink. ;)www.melissamileyphotography.comCROPIMG_3219 CROP TammyCROPIMG_3210 CROPIMG_0697 CROPIMG_0590 CROPIMG_3218 CROPIMG_3214 CROPIMG_8645CROPIMG_3223