Dori and Jake!

I am so excited for my best friend of 12 years. Dori is going to be getting married in T-19 days. I photographed her and Jake's engagement photos a few months back when they came to visit me in Charleston. We had a great weekend and captured some great photos as well. Although I'm not one for sappy love stories (or maybe I just refuse to admit it in public;) Dori and Jake share a fairy tale kind of love. We made a day out of the photo shoot with sight seeing and boat riding at Cypress Gardens, and finishing up with a beach walk at Folly. Take a look... 015-lowUntitled-2 0019-low0069-low0036-low0045-low0060-low0065-low0080-lowUntitled-4Untitled-30096-low0095-low0130-lowUntitled-1