Family + Children

My job as a photographer is simply to capture the uninhibited joy that children express. Wether they are wild and crazy, or sweet and shy,  I don't ever try to force kids to sit in formation. That never works! Well, sometimes it does if you bribe them with candy ;)... but usually if you see a photo in my gallery of children sitting together it's because we played a game to get them in that position. Most of the photos I capture are candid- because running around like maniacs, dancing, and showing off their princess/ super hero poses is what kids do best- duh! I don't want to take perfectly posed photos of your children. I want to photograph them having fun and celebrating life....and shouldn't we all want to join them?!


 “She's a cheerful soul who's having a wonderful time living out the existence that best suits her nature and most brings her to life.” Elizabeth Gilbert-  Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear