Lowcountry Pregnancy Center: Babies and Children!!!

Look at all these adorable little ones!!! The Lowcountry Pregnancy Center has some of the best clients! CROPIMG_1112 This is Eva. She's a total country girl from Colorado. CROPIMG_1092 CROPIMG_1049CROPIMG_1085 005 Mommy and daddy can't wait for Eva's baby brother! CROPIMG_1125CROPIMG_1186 CROPIMG_1177004 CROPIMG_1225Addiana is so sweet. CROPIMG_1306003 CROPIMG_1251 And totally curious about everything! CROPIMG_1377Zander was just the cutest in his Mickey ensemble.CROPIMG_1410And he didn't mind me wrapping him up in a knit hat and snuggly blankey either!002001Megantiana was the most alert, strongest newborn I have ever seen! She is holding herself up at 2 weeks old!CROPIMG_1490BW A total girly girl. Momma says "It's never too much pink".... ;)CROPIMG_1524