Polar Bear Plunge 2016

Happy New Year!!! There is no better way to clean your slate and start fresh a new year than to jump in the ocean in 40 degree weather! Er....Okay... well, maybe I can think of a few better ways.... or at least a few ways that aren't quite as extreme. ;PThe frigid air and rain didn't seem to deter this crowd from taking the 'plunge' though. Swarms of people gathered at Dunvevy's Pub, Taco Mamacita, Hometeam BBQ, and Poe's Tavern on January 1st in anticipation for theΒ 2016 Polar Bear Plunge. Decked in a wide assortment of goofy and wild costumes they made their way down the walkway and lined up on Sullivan's Island Beach preparing for their first, and coldest swim of the year. When the gun fired they sprinted towards the water and some (only the bravest) even dunked their heads! Check out the fun:www.melissamileyphotography.comCROPIMG_7916 001 CROPIMG_7905 CROPIMG_7913 CROPIMG_7919 CROPIMG_7961 CORPIMG_8014CROPIMG_7973 CROPIMG_7975 CROPIMG_8006CROPIMG_8041 CROPIMG_8043 CROPIMG_8052 CROPIMG_8064 CROPIMG_8083 CROPIMG_8084