Staying Busy and Thanking God- Summer Photo Sessions

It has been quite a busy summer. I haven't written a post in a few weeks because I have not even had the time to scratch my nose! This summer has been a blur of beach sessions, families, children, babies, events, couples, weddings, laughter, joy and so so so much fun! My cauldron of happiness is bubbling over...SERIOUSLY!!! :)Along with all this fun and excitement though, comes a lot of hard work, sweaty clothes, late nights, and early mornings. I've already hit some business goals that I had set to meet by the end of 2016. Wham yow!! I've also gotten out of my comfort zone more times this past year than I have hairs on my left arm. One of the things I am most happy about though is deepening my relationships with those I care about, and expanding myself to connect and network more with other business owners, photographers, and creative entrepreneurs. My aim is to give back and look to help others with any way I might be of service. I do this through connection. The result: It's opened my eyes to a vision bigger and wider than I could ever before see. And you know what? It's beautiful.I hope this blog post reaches someone who is on the tipping point of taking the leap of faith. Is that you? Do you know what your passion is, but just don't quite have the courage to jump? Do you know the direction God is pushing you but you're still held back by fear, clinging to the ropes of false security that keep you bound up? If that is you, believe me.....JUMP. Don't look back. Even when you think you are falling. Even if you can't see a net. JUMP. The net will appear. Have faith. Believe. Push on. When I sit down long enough to think back to just 10 months ago, I don't even recognize that girl. The countless times I have seen God take care of me and orchestrate circumstances and unfold unravels my mind. The only words I'm left with are "Thank you God."CROP001 CROP002 CROP003 CROP004 CROP005 CROP006 CROP0006 CROP007 CROP0029 CROP0034CROP0038 CROP008 CROP0053 CROP0062 CROP0063 CROP0070 CROP0078 CROP0112 CROP0117 CROP0125CROP0123 CROP0130 CROP0136 CROP0140 CROP0142 CROP0172 CROP0158 CROP0155 CROP0202 CROP0256 CROP0208 CROP0294 CROPIMG_3309 CROPIMG_3317 CROPIMG_3351 CROPIMG_3423 CROPIMG_3497 CROPIMG_3505