The Upside Down Project

Upside Down. Backwards. Inside out. New perspective. Different angle. Bigger picture. Fresh outlook. Revived eyes. Renewed mind. Revamped. Reinvented. Refreshed. Realigned.Sometimes in a world of stress and work and schedules and emails, we forget to enjoy what we are doing. When we seek out the things or the people that make us happy, we fail to remember that we have the power to be happy with or without all the worldly things. Happiness is not the goal, it's the way. We get caught up in the minutia and forget that each day is an opportunity to do anything we want to do and be any person we want to be. We get sidetracked from our dreams, our hopes, our love and feel stuck and trapped by all the things we think we have to do, or the things we fear will happen...or not happen. We forget that we have a CHOICE. We always get to choose our attitudes, our outlook, our thoughts, our behavior. We choose our thoughts the same way we choose what to eat for breakfast in the morning.In the practice of yoga, they say that doing a headstand can actually change your perspective on a situation. The physical outer body is believed to mirror the inner mental and emotional state. Some say 'You don't think your way to right acting, you act your way into right thinking." I believe there is much truth to this statement.The way I see it, there is no magic trick to change this habit about ourselves. It's human nature. However, there is something we can do everyday to avoid becoming a victim of this mind trap. Set an intention for each day. Challenge yourself. Try something new. Go someplace you've never been. Talk to someone you've never met before. Begin again everyday. Remember why you started. Get up. Get out. Get going. And don't just go to go. Go to do something never done before. Everyday. Look at the world from a new perspective every chance you get. Explore with child's eyes. Be curious. Take responsibility for your mind, your feelings, your words, and your life. Then choose who and what you want to be. And go be it!This project is the visual journey of the daily quest for a new perspective. Follow along to see an image everyday taken of ordinary and extraordinary things from a unique angle. The goal is not to be changed when I am done, but instead to continue transforming through the process of continually taking images from a unique angle, and continually challenging myself to not just see it and capture it, but to look again and push myself a bit further as a photographer. Who do you want to be? How will you challenge yourself? What area of your life could use a fresh perspective? What struggles do you face that you feel are holding you back?Send me your stories and I will post them anonymously. Let's support eachother in our journey of transformation. Email me at info@melissamileyphotography.comupsidedown project