The Upside Down Project - Day 3


Today's photo of the day is one taken at the pool. A-hem, thank you Charleston for the awesome weather today! Perks of working for yourself- the pool is the new office. Soaking up rays while answering emails = multitasking at it's finest.Screen shot 2016-04-08 at 6.20.22 PMIt was on these pool chairs at the end of last summer that I wrote my letter of resignation to the job that I worked at 7 months ago. As I wrote, I prayed and asked for guidance. I asked to be carried through my journey. I asked God for the right timing...and how to know if this WAS the right timing. A moment later, some of the children that were swimming all gathered together pointing at the sky. I looked up and saw what I now know is called "cloud iridescence". It wasn't just a rainbow, nor was it just a cloud. It was a cloud with rainbow colors. It's a fairly uncommon phenomenon when there are especially tiny ice crystals or water droplets in the air. Larger ice crystals produce solar or lunar halos, but tiny ice crystals or water droplets cause light to be diffracted – spread out – creating this rainbow-like effect in the clouds. In essence, it's rare to see this. It only lasted about 30 seconds. And I was in the exact place and time to see it clearly. I believe it was a sign from my higher power. A promise to be watched over when I let go and finally surrendered to the path that God was leading me down. A sign that I was in the perfect place and this was the perfect timing.One more writer sent a letter in today. This one especially touches my heart. This writer has realized something about letting go as well.Here's what they had to say:Writer # 7: 

I think my personal challenge should be learning how to let go and move on.As I write this tears are rolling down my face. Sometimes life can just wear you out and bring you down. I think to get through you have to learn to just let go! Especially of things that are out of your control. Like the passing of your parents, your children becoming adults and not needing you like they once did. Letting go of relationships that cause you stress even if you love that person. Letting go of the fact that somewhere along the way you lost yourself because you were so busy taking care of everyone else. Let go and find yourself again! Sometimes it breaks your heart to let go, but maybe that's the only way to move on and find out what your purpose is for the the time you have left.

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