Tiffany Proposes to Dee - and she said YES!

With musicians playing 'their song' (Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran) in the background, and the moss swaying in the oak trees, Tiffany proposed to Dee at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens on the white bridge. It was Saturday May 26th, sunny and humid with a light breeze in the air when, Dee said "YES!" A few of their closest friends, Aisha and Esmerelda, gathered at the end of the bridge to embrace them in a celebratory hug. Be sure to watch the slideshow at the end to get ALL THE FEELS from the day! :)Here is their Love Story, as told by Tiffany: Denise and Tiffany met in 2015 at a social networking game night at Tiffany’s house. Several years prior in 2008, Tiffany created a Lesbian networking, volunteer, family support group called “Positive Women Making Positive Choices”.  PWMPC, who organized the game night, often worked in the community at events such as “Holiday for Hope”, where they annually provide 700 cupcakes for underprivileged youth to decorate during the Christmas season. The social networking game night was Denise’s first PWMPC event, and she called ahead to see if the facilitator of the event, Tiffany, needed anything, and she did... GAMES! LOLDenise arrived at the event with games in hand, and Tiffany introduced her to all the other women who were already at the house interacting. That night neither Tiffany nor Dee had time to pay individualized attention to each other, but they did stay in touch and eventually formed a friendship. About a month later, they started casually dating, and enjoying summer outings in the community together.Four months into their relationship, Denise gave Tiffany a letter that was sealed and postmarked. Tiffany asked what the letter was about, and Denise said she had mailed this to herself before she met Tiffany. The letter was Denise’s prayer to GOD about the mate that she wanted to come into her life. The letter, although written by Denise before she met Tiffany, describes Tiffany in such detail that it's evident that their love and commitment is Divinely inspired.  In the letter, Denise asked GOD for a tall partner, Tiffany is 6 feet; she asked for someone with a sense of humor, Tiffany was and still is the class clown; the letter asked for a partner with a heart for GOD, Tiffany has a personal relationship with Him and had grown up in church her entire life.Tiffany and Denise have dated for 3 years, and throughout that time, the letter serves as a constant reminder to work through issues and overcome obstacles because clearly they were brought together by a higher power. Tiffany felt blessed to have this kind, sweet, BIG HEARTED woman to build a life with. During their 2nd year Anniversary, Tiffany surprised Denise with a trip to Charleston, SC. While sightseeing, they visited the Magnolia Planation and found it to be stunning. Tiffany knew it had to be the “THE PLACE” she asked Denise to spend forever with her.Instead of a traditional ring box, Tiffany creatively had a ring box constructed to look like a love letter. Inscribed on the outside of the box was “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope. Three years ago, you wrote GOD a letter, I am THANKFUL to Him that He allowed me to be your answer. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!”Denise works for the Department of Defense, she is a Air force veteran, loves home improvement projects, and creative crafts, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. Tiffany also works for the Department of Defense; she enjoys cooking, baking cupcakes for her business “BOSSCHIC Cupcakes”, shopping, reading, entertaining, being the life of the party, and traveling the country.