3 Things your photographer doesn't tell you about family photo sessions

  1. You might end up having to be silly. Shout out to all the dads who have let go of the need to appear cool. Bonus points if you've ever put on a girls pom pom headband (see session below!). When I am taking pictures of your kids, and you are standing behind me being silly, there is only one thing your kids can do. LAUGH.
  2. Things will go smoother, if you let it go smoother. The last thing we need is for parents to get upset and then kids get upset, and we have a total melt down. Forget about being clean, looking at the camera, and putting down that stick. When you set aside your agenda (getting a perfect photo), and get on their agenda (having fun) you might be surprised about how easy it is for everyone to smile naturally.
  3. When you play their game, they play yours. If your child is 3 and wants to run, GREAT! Let's have a race. If they want to sit rather than stand, AWESOME! We'll all do a sitting pose. If they want to play, I'll capture candid photos of them being who they are- playful. If they won't look at the camera, that's ok too, because some of the cutest photos are when everyone is looking at each other.

Take it from the Toledo family. These girls were just LOVING the spotlight, because they got to be silly and have fun.