How to Rock Holiday Outfit Coordination for your Christmas Card Photo Session

Are you dreading Holiday Christmas cards?Are you wondering: How do I coordinate outfits for 12 family members? How do I choose colors that everyone has? How do I make sure it looks stylish without being dated in 2 years? How do I coordinate without looking cheesy?!?! Everyone knows that Christmas Cards with holiday photos are one of those traditional things that you WANT to send out, but sometimes they end up becoming New Years cards, or worse, not getting sent out at all because you just couldn't 'get it together'. I HEAR YOU. This year can be  different though. I have a few solutions to these holiday challenges that might help make your holiday TO-DO list a little shorter.CLOTHING COORDINATION:Everyone knows clothing coordination for a photo session can be a challenge when you have lots of family members. We all want to be sure that we look our best when we step in front of the camera. I have great news for you. Choosing a photogenic outfit is no longer something that only fashion bloggers and stylists in magazines can's actually quite simple and can most likely be put together with articles you already own. Check out these 3 simple tips to follow for getting everyone on the same page, and looking stylish at every age.1 . Darker colors are slimming and give a timeless look. If you are wanting to look slim and trim, and perhaps hide any unwanted curves, black, navy, or any darker colors can do just the trick. Black is also a great color because it is a classic look that will not look 'dated' 10 or 20 years from now looking back.2. Mix-and-match not matchy-matchy. There is a little bit of an art to this, but you can totally pull off matching outfits without looking cheesy. The key to coordinating is choosing a color scheme. For example, rather than everyone having white shirts and grey pants, maybe try one person with white pants and a dark grey shirt, another with light grey shirt and dark grey pants. This is also an easier way to have large groups match when you can give them a general guidelines like "we are going to wear shades of grey, white, and navy."3. Busy / bold patterns can be distracting from your face. I usually suggest keeping patterns to a minimum. They can work well if choosing a subtle pattern, or if you layer a jacket or sweater over top. If you are not sure if it will work, you can always play it safe by choosing solid colors that will highlight your face.Check out how the Nailor family NAILED their outfit coordination this season: