5 zero waste products worth buying


There are a few items I've invested in purchasing when it was time to replace another item that was broken or used up. All these products are made with biodegradable materials and they come packed in compostable packaging (except the castile soap). They are QUALITY products that cost a little more up front, but will be with me for much longer than a disposable or plastic product. They are safe for the environment, natural and non-toxic for my body, and they will not end up sitting in a landfill for eternity (literally plastic NEVER decomposes) when I am finished using them. Despite the initial up front cost of these products, I have actually SAVED money over the course of this past year by switching to these reusable zero waste products.


What I've BOUGHT:

  1. Bamboo Tooth brushes with charcoal bristles- I found these on Amazon in compostable packaging.

  2. Crystal deodorant - It is an actual crystal that you rub on. The minerals kill the bacteria that smells bad. Yes, it actually works. In fact, it actually works better than most deodorants I've tried, and my husband agrees! Plus I feel like a magical goddess when I rub a crystal on my body.

  3. Bees wax wrappers- got these from The Daily in Charleston. They replace plastic wrap and ziplock baggies.

  4. Scrub brush- Made of wood and natural bristles. Got it on Amazon.

  5. Stainless steel razor- bought it online from The Wild Minimalist.



The point of going zero waste is to create LESS WASTE. It could be easy for one to miss the point when seeing perfectly curated, beautifully neutral colored, zero waste Instagram feeds filled with zero waste products. But going zero waste isn't about all that consumerism. Throwing out all your plastic products and replacing them when they are still useful would defeat the purpose and create MORE waste. A better solution would be to use what you currently have- plastic or otherwise- and when that item breaks down, either find a way to homemake that item, or buy a new one in an eco friendly, biodegradable material. Get creative and do some research- you can make more products than you would imagine!


What I've MADE:

  1. Fabric produce bags

  2. Makeup remover and wipes

  3. Vegetable broth and herb cubes

  4. Cleaning products

  • multi-purpose disinfectant spray

  • scrubbing powder

  • laundry soap

  • dish soap

  • carpet cleaner

  • drain de-clogger

  • scented room mist