5 zero waste products worth buying

All these products are made with biodegradable materials and they come packed in compostable packaging. They are safe for the environment, natural and non-toxic for my body, and they will not end up sitting in a landfill

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The #1 simplest way to go zero-waste: coffee and tea

One of the simplest zero-waste transitions I've made so far has been to buy loose leaf tea rather than tea bags, and to eliminate coffee filters by using a French press.

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Zero Waste House Cleaning

Since going zero waste, we now have a few better alternatives to cleaning our house.

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How to propagate succulents

I can confidently tell you this; you don't need a yard to have a garden. This is a look into my urban garden and a guide to propagating succulents.

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Tidying up: closet overhaul

Organize by style, and type of article. Example: all the shoes together in one area, all the pants together, all the dressy shirts together, etc.

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The wondrous library and 10 other FREE, ZERO-WASTE ways to entertain yourself

In addition to saving money and diversifying reading topics, by frequenting the library I was also able to reduce waste and eliminate clutter around our minimalistic home.

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How to create a Capsule Wardrobe

I created my capsule wardrobe for the same reason I have chosen minimalism in other areas of my life: SIMPLICITY.

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Folly Beach + The Mayley Family's Session
Isle of Palms Beach + Meredith Edwards Family Session
I was given the number ONE secret to a happy marriage--- and I couldn't believe it!!!