Chris and Brittany's Surprise Proposal!!!

I am certain I included WAYY too many photos from this session to call it a 'recap'....but that's OK ;) Chris and Brittany were the sweetest most adorable couple and I just can't help but love them! Chris called me just a day before the session for a last minute request. It was the last day of their vacation trip in Charleston, and they were heading back home to Cali the next day. His girlfriend, Brittany was 8 months pregnant and they were planning to do a maternity photo session downtown. But here's the twist- Chris was also secretly planning to propose! He planned the maternity session so that Brittany would be prepared to have her photos taken, and dressed to impress. But little did she know, it would quickly turn into an ENGAGEMENT photo shoot! He had the idea that we would start off like a normal maternity session. We would take a few photos with his jacket on. Then, when I was ready, I would ask him to take his jacket off for a few photos. At that point, he would take his jacket off, put it back by their bags, and grab the ring from the bag- while I distracted Brittany. It worked seamlessly and Brittany was TOTALLY SHOCKED!  SHE SAID YES!!!!   Brittany said she didn't expect it at all and was so surprised!   They were all smiles the rest of the session and couldn't stop kissing!!! :)   Their baby is going to be a girl, and they've already picked out the name Henley!   <3 <3 <3   Congratulations Chris and Brittany!!! Many many blessings in your marriage and family!!!