Happy 1 Year Birthday Kennedy!

Kennedy celebrated her very first birthday this past week! I met up with Michelle, Kevin and little Kennedy at Washington Park downtown for their family/1st birthday photo session. Michelle was looking for a "Charleston-y" look for the shoot. This hidden little park right in the heart of downtown couldn't have been a more perfect spot. Kennedy was getting over a little cold but you couldn't even tell with all her smiles. She she was all about being sociable when I played peek-a-boo behind my camera with her. Although, I will say no one could make her smile quite like daddy did when he was throwing her in the air! Happy Birthday baby Kennedy, and Merry Christmas!!!Christmas is right around the corner, but it's not too late for family photos. Call 843-822-6887 to book your family, baby, or children photo session or email me at info@melissamileyphotography.comwww.melissamileyphotography.comCROP0014004 001CROP0062 CROP0002CROP0041CROP0135CROP0080 003 CROPIMG_7306BW CROP0086002CROP0151CROP0118 CROP0045 CROP0164CROP0168CROP0160 Logo Melissa Miley Photo