How to propagate succulents


About 2-3 years ago I bought one succulent for .99 cents off the discount plant rack at Lowe's. It was on it's last leg, but I had faith in the little guy! I transplanted it into better soil, fed it plant food, put it in the sun and loved on it until it grew and flourished. From that one plant, I've been able to propagate at least 25 other succulent plants. I can confidently tell you this; you don't need a yard to have a garden. This is a look into my 'urban garden' (i.e my condo balcony and windowsill) , and a guide to propagating succulents.

  1. Start with a strong, healthy succulent before attempting to propagate.

2. Remove one leaf by gently twisting in a circular motion. Key: you want the tip to look like a dimple, not torn or broken.

3. Place the leaf on a hard dry surface in the sun for 2 days. Do not water. Do not put in soil. The key is to let it dry out.

4. Place leaf on top of soil and LIGHTLY mist with water using a spray bottle. Do not bury any part of the leaf into the soil. You can also add 2-3 pumps of plant food to the water bottle. Shake bottle before spraying the leaf.

5. Leave it in a full-sun area and continue to water with spray bottle. In the summertime, water every day. In Fall/Winter every 5-6 days. Soil should be bone dry between waterings.

6. Roots will begin to grow from the dimple end. Then new leaves will sprout also. Once the new leaves grow larger and stronger, the original leaf will die. Allow it to wither and remove when fully dried up.

If your succulent is not getting enough sunlight it will grow long and lanky.

You can trim off the head of the succulent (the part with the leaves) and transplant it. Be sure to plant it in an area with FULL SUN.

  • Potting Soil: Miracle Grow- for seed starting and fast root development
  • Plant food: Miracle Grow- Indoor plant mix