I put up a post online and was SHOCKED by the number of responses that all said the same thing


I put up a post online and was SHOCKED by the number of responses I got that all said the same thing. I'll tell you the story. SELLING THE CAR :I recently upgraded my car, and needed to sell my Honda Civic. So, being active on Craigslist, Facebook groups, and mom swap pages, I thought it would be a good idea to share the post online. The car I was selling had some extensive repairs that needed to happen and I wasn't willing to dump more money into it. I listed the car on Craigslist first and wrote a detailed list of all issues that needed repaired. I listed it for only $1,000- a deal for a car that still runs as a daily driver. Then, I shared a post on various social media sites with several photos, a brief description, and a link that said "READ FOR MORE INFO ON THE CAR". I assumed that anyone who was seriously interested would read about it and message me. I was wrong.The first message came in just moments after the post went LIVE. "Does the car have any issues?" I responded, "Click the link in the post to READ FOR MORE INFO ON THE CAR".Then the second message popped up. Same thing. I responded again, "Click the link in the post to READ FOR MORE INFO ON THE CAR". Duh... right?Then a third, a fourth, and then an email from Craigslist. Within a matter of 15 min I had 20 messages (not an exaggeration) of interested people asking for the details that were clearly posted. FOUR of the people actually made me an offer on the car without ever reading the post. The first person who messaged me, responded back asking about issues and milage again. And again, I responded "Read the post".All this messaging and no one is even reading! I was shocked by the number of people who were asking questions when the information was right there in front of their face already. And worse, the ones who were willing to take action without thinking about what they were doing. They were willing to pay $1,000 for a car they'd never seen, never read about, never asked questions about, never driven. All this talk about technology making things faster, and more efficient, when in reality these people were wasting both their own time (by messaging me and driving to see the car) and my time (requiring a response, and coordinating times). When all they had to do was READ.THE PROBLEM is when we keep hitting send, send, send, on the communication button in the brain but all that is needed to solve the issue is to hit the receive button and to take in what is actually there.I'm talking about social media posting. And I'm talking about conversation.I'm talking about how people are so consumed with the instant gratification of technological distractions that they aren't even using their BRAINS.And I'm talking about how in the heck in this world of social everything, can we possibly be able to actually create REAL SOCIAL CONNECTIONS. To be heard and to hear others.ON THE RECEIVING END, I would argue that it's not much better. The average internet user has 5 social media accounts. Nearly 80% of social media is done on phones rather than desktop computers, which means we are using it throughout the entire day. Even during work hours, actually, especially during work hours. The best times to post and have your post seen on Facebook are 1–4 p.m., and the peak time is Wednesdays at 3 p.m. This tells me 3 frightening things, if I couldn't see by simply sitting in a coffee shop all day.1.) We are getting an OVERWHELMING amount of stimulation through social media.2. ) We are ADDICTED to the amount of stimulation we get.3.) In a world of technological connections, we are DISCONNECTED from our mind, body, spirit, emotions, and each other. (I include the  body too because people are texting while driving, and walking into fountains while snap chatting).ON THE FLIP-SIDE, I get all the positive aspects of social media. I use it for my business mostly, and it's crazy how helpful it can be. I use it for target marketing and I wouldn't have been able to pay for advertising when I was just staring out. Social media was THE way I built a following and stayed in touch with people. It still is. I rely on it for expansion and for remembering birthdays... (my secret is out!) I get the argument for social media and I am not saying social media is evil. I have just heard a lot of controversy about social media being both groundbreaking, as well as being harmful to our culture, and this experience really STRUCK ME.SO WHAT'S THE SOLUTION, you ask.  Well, when is the last time you left your phone at home and went for a walk on the beach to feel the sand on your toes, and look at the sunset, and smell the salty ocean air? Bonus points if you went with a friend or loved one to connect to them in this beautiful moment. When was the last time you FELT fun and joy, rather than 'checking-in' at 'beach' and posting a selfie in front of the sunset to make sure your social following knows you are having a #sundayfunday and feeling 'emoticon: joyful'.All I am saying is, let's BE REAL. Let's FEEL REAL. Let's EXPERIENCE LIFE REAL. And for God's sake, let's buy and sell and message people about their cars only if you are FOR REAL interested. ;)