Konmari Method Folding Technique


And the credit goes to....Marie Konmari for her ingenius folding techniques that transformed my closet bins to OCD eye candy. Have you seen the Netflix show (or better yet read the book) 'Tidying Up"? Well, if not allow me to enlighten you:

The Konmari Method is a way of folding and organizing textiles so that they are neat and tidy, and you can see every article at a glance.

Step 1: Lay the shirt upside down

Step 2: Fold each side and sleeve in towards the center.

Step 3: Fold the bottom up and the top down towards the center.

Step 4: Fold the bottom up again to complete the folding technique.

Step 5: Fold all shirts the same way, and line them in a bin/drawer so that they can all be seen in one glance.