Rain, The Ultimate Connection

Thunderstorms are like an extra special type of weather. To some, it's dreary and cold. It could be a good excuse to stay in bed, curl up with fuzzy socks and a cup of tea hiding the day away. To me, it's vibrant and alive and electric. It causes me to immediately get present. I find connection to my higher power in the rain. The water, his outpouring abundance of love. Lightning, his serendipity. The thunder, his mighty power.It's hard for me to hide away when water, natures healing and balancing element, is pouring down on my head. Dripping down my arms. Soaking the edges of my pant legs that the umbrella didn't quite cover. Rain washes away all the stale air, the dust, the residue of stagnation. It cleans the earths slate to make way for a beautiful transformative tomorrow. It's the nourishment that all living things require for survival and growth. A blessing of abundance, true love, falling from the sky. It requires us to be dependent on a power greater than ourselves for water, survival, life and healing.And how can you not feel connected when electricity is flowing through the atmosphere? Lightning is the unexpected illumination of the entire sky. In an instant, in a flash, a powerful brightness lights up everything. It's the break through. The 'ah-ha' moment of clarity. The unexpected surprise when you thought life was only just dark ominous clouds. You can't predict when it will strike, but when it does, it's breathtakingly beautiful.Moments later, you hear the rumble of thunder. You only hear the powerful boom after your eyes have been opened to the light. Never before. The thunder is powerful, mighty, fierce, like his love. It can shake the Earth and knock pictures off the walls. It's rumble is heard like a voice vibrating across the land. My grandmother used to tell me "thunder is just the sound of the angels bowling". When lightning would strike she would shout "Strike!" Now I think storms are my higher power's way of connecting. Rain touching my skin. The sound of thunder. Lightning, a striking sight. All three, powerful forces far beyond anything man-made. The smell andtaste of rain, humidity, fresh water. It is connection to all 5 senses. When there is so much beauty in the world, how can you not believe?