Reusing old bottles for vases


An easy and aesthetic way to reuse glass bottles is to make them into plant vases. I especially love growing my Pythos plant clippings in them because I can see the root development through the clear glass.

You can save bottles from:

  • honey
  • spices
  • dressing
  • pickles
  • pasta sauce
  • maple syrup
  • etc.

Label removal:

Remove the labels using hot soapy water. Leftover glue residue will break down with a little olive oil and a good scrubbing. If it is resilient, add a little baking soda for extra scrub.

Dress it up:

Dress up your vases by hot gluing fabric, ribbons, or burlap around the sides. Or just enjoy them plain! I also sometimes like to leave the labels on if I think they are cool looking or a vibrant color.

Reduce plastic:

This will also encourage you to buy foods that are in glass bottles rather than plastic. If it cost an extra 20 cents you can just remember that you are also getting a vase out of it and reducing plastic on our beloved planet!