Sheetal and Drew's First Baby

I met Sheetal and Drew at Waterfront Park to document Sheetal's maternity just 2 weeks before her due date.Drew moved to the states 10 years ago and Sheetal 3 years from a little town in India near Mumbai (formerly called Bombay). They met here in America when, as Drew put it, "Sheetal found me." ;) They were the sweetest couple and told me all about the culture in India.According to Drew, naming your baby is a different tradition in India. Rather than choosing a name before the baby is born, in their culture, the name would be chosen after birth. Drew explained that once their baby girl is born, they would give her to the priest who would bless her. Based on the date and time of birth, the priest would give them 2-3 letters in accordance with the baby's astrological symbol. They would then choose a name that began with those select letters.I can not wait to meet their sweet baby girl and hear what name she is given soon! Sheetal asked me to photograph her when she arrives (due date October 28th). Congratulations Sheetal and Drew!