The #1 simplest way to go zero-waste: coffee and tea


One of the simplest zero-waste transitions I've made so far has been to buy loose leaf tea rather than tea bags, and to eliminate coffee filters by using a French press. I just take my jars to a bulk store, fill them up, and voila! Tea and coffee for days, package free!


In perfect timing, my brother-in-law gifted us a teapot with strainer/infuser for Christmas (Thanks Mike!). Now that we buy loose tea in bulk, we eliminate the teabag, the plastic coated paper tag, cardboard box, and plastic wrapping around the box.

If you are a coffee drinker, you can use a French press to eliminate the need to use coffee filters. Like tea, freshly ground coffee can be purchased in bulk.


Did you know: Coffee tastes better when prepared in a French press rather than a traditional filter coffee pot?


Scientifically, it is because paper filters absorb the oil in your grounds. The oil gives extra flavoring and allows the tiny particles in the grounds to percolate. In a French press, because the grounds steep instead of filter, it tastes better. Be sure to stir your grounds with a wooden spoon because metal can break the borosilicate glass of a French press. Better flavor, and zero-waste..?! I'll take my coffee pressed and my tea loose any day!