The wondrous library and 10 other FREE, ZERO-WASTE ways to entertain yourself


Can I please remind every human being how much cooler the public library is than Barnes and Noble? Both have books, audio books, and movies. The only difference is that one is free, and one costs a lot.

Each year, in my business budget I allot money for educational purposes (because KNOWLEDGE=POWER, Thank you Mrs. Crombie, 11th grade economics teacher). Last year, while frequenting the book store, I spent $900 on growing my brain. OUCH. That's a lot of moo-lah just to satisfy my inner nerd.

This year, I swiped my library card rather than my debit card. Saving $900 was merely the icing on the cake. I realized that I read wayyyy more books. Not only in quantity, but I also read a wider variety of topics because I wasn't limited to just choosing what I could afford, or what I could justify the expense with (i.e. business books). Instead, I read about bees, and Japanese stone gardens, kundalini yoga breath techniques, and astrology. I also had a Hunger Games movie marathon with my hubs and rented all 3 movies without having to pay for it, or buy the actual DVD's and store them. Why did it take me so long to switch?!?

  • Save money
  • diversify
  • reduce waste
  • declutter

In addition to saving money and diversifying my reading topics, I also reduced waste by choosing not to contribute to consumerism AND eliminated clutter around our minimalistic home. How's that for killing 4 birds with one stone? Goodbye once-read books filling up my book shelf!

Here's my TOP 10 list of FREE, ZERO-WASTE entertainment

1. The Library

Rent books, movies, and audio books fo' free!

2. Picnic in the park

Soon I will post about a zero waste picnic...stay tuned.

3. Window shopping downtown

Get your walk on, buy nothing, and taste alllll the samples.

4. Dog park

Bonus points if you don't actually have a dog, but still visit.

5. Exercise with a friend

Walk the beach, yoga in the park, jog/bike a wooded trail. Explore a new area, and make an activity out of it by playing 'I SPY' as you go.

6. Play a board game/ cards

My husband and I started playing a few games of Rummy every night after dinner. It's become a fun little routine we do that produces some laughs and keeps us connected (replacing TV) in the evenings.

7. Do a puzzle

I always forget how much I love them until I do one again!

8. Make a DIY craft project with friends

Each year a few of my girl friends come over and we put together vision boards. It's become a little tradition and fun to set intentions for the new year. Pinterest has tons of inspiration for this sort of thing. Host a gathering and craft-out!

9. Have a yard sale

Declutter, and make money instead of spending it!

10. Join a community meet up/ sport

This is a great way to meet new people and plug in with your community. Fun fact: my husband and I actually met as members of the same community kickball team!