Top 3 Tips on How to Pose for Photos

Have you ever had your photo taken and realized after looking at the image, the way you were standing made you look 10lbs heavier and totally awkward? You're not alone. And I promise, it's not you- it's the camera. Cameras have a way of taking something that is 3-D and flattening it to make a 2-D digital image. This transfer can make the subject within the photo look bigger or smaller, depending on the angle. The great news is that you can use this to your advantage if you know how to properly pose. With these 3 simple tips you can master your stance so that every photo of you is flattering! 


If you feel nervous, you may have a tendency to lean away from the camera. This is a super common habit, but what happens is that it makes your body look bigger than it actually is. Whatever is closest to the camera will appear the largest Whatever is farthest away will appear smallest. So for example, when you lean back, your head looks smaller and your mid-section looks bigger. This also can create the dreaded 'double chin' effect. Instead, to appear slimmer, try bending at the waist and leaning towards the camera. Turn to a 45 degree angle, shift your weight to your back leg (the one farthest from the camera) and bend forwards (slightly) at the waist. This stance will put the focus on your face and a slimming effect on your waist. 




 2. POSTUREKeep your back straight and shoulders back and relaxed. This can sound a bit contradictory to the 'lean forward' suggestion but it's not. The key is to bend at the waist and keep your spine straight. Basically, you want to avoid hunching while also not appearing too stiff. The easiest way for me to correct my own posture when I feel myself slumping is to tighten my abs and imagine a straight pole running from my tail bone through the top of my head. Wether I am sitting, standing, or leaning forward at the waist, I can straighten my posture quickly and easily by imagining this visual. 




 3. IF IT BENDS, BEND IT.What do I do with my hands!?!?!?!When it comes to joints and limbs, the more angles you can create, the more shapely and natural your pose will look. Ladies, we want to aim for that 'S' shape curve. And guys, no one wants to look stiff and unnatural. So, if you aren't sure what to do with your hands or arms, remember to bend. Hooking a thumb in your pocket will create a bend in your elbow which will look more relaxed than letting your arms hang straight. Putting a hand on your hip will also create that same elbow bend and simultaneously slim the upper arm area. 



With these 3 simple steps anyone can go from awko-taco to fashion model in seconds. I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing you in front of the camera!!! xo Mel For more tips and tricks, subscribe to the blog! To check out more of my work, visit