Top 5 SNACK RECIPES For On-The-Go Lifestyles

I live a pretty busy lifestyle. Last time I talked with my girl group, it seemed like no matter wether I was talking to a working mom, a college student, someone self employed, or a corporate climber, it seems to be common that women these days are on-the-go most of the time. Even my grandmother in her 70's who is retired and kids all grown has so many volunteer commitments that she barely has time to open her mail! For me personally, I enjoy being busy. I enjoy being productive. But I do have to make an effort to find a balance. We have all these responsibilities that tug us in all different directions and it makes it difficult to stay balanced, to focus, and difficult to practice a healthy self-care lifestyle. Something has got to give. And it does. It seems that the thing that gives way is the one area that is the hardest to stay disciplined in the first place....FOOD.I found myself struggling with what to eat while on the go a lot last summer. I would be so busy photographing sessions on the beach, then onto the park, the next day 8 hours at a wedding, and by the time I would get home I would realize suddenly I was STARVING. If I was working from a coffee shop for the day I would end up buying something to eat from the small selection that they offered, which was usually unhealthy, over priced, and not very filling. When I would stay at my boyfriend's house, I was buying groceries for his household, and then I would go back to my place for a few days and here I am having to go grocery shopping all over again because my fridge is empty....time and we go.....argh. Does any of this sound familiar?Then one day I said, I need a PLAN. This isn't working.So I dove into Pinterest and found some meal prep plans that I can freeze and heat up in jiff for the days I get home late. Then I found some healthy snacks I could take with me when I am doing shoots on-location. And lastly I figured out ways I could schedule and plan my days so that I could focus more on the self care I needed. I realize this isn't a one-size fits all model, but I will say that doing meal prep Monday's has changed my eating habits, and my budget tremendously. The snacks I take with me are healthy, cheap to make, and easy to grab and eat- even while I am driving! Now THAT is what I'm talking about! It takes a little time to prep at the beginning of the week, but the time and money I save by not spending on that $7.00 frozen-toaster-heated, roasted red pepper thing at Starbucks is SOOOO worth it. Here's my TOP 5 SNACKS for on-the-go lifestyles:

  1. Peanut Butter Oat Squares are delicious, filling, easy to make, healthy, and cheap. And guess what?! Only 3 ingredients!!!  RECIPE 2. Banana Chocolate Chip Energy Bites- again, this is one of my favorite snacks and SUUUUPER easy to make. RECIPE

3. Make your own Trail Mix or Granola- if you DIY, you won't have all that added sugar that makes you bloated and gives you the energy crash. Stick to natural sweet stuff like cranberries or dry your own fruit in the oven.  RECIPE

4. Kale Chips. Or basically any DIY chips like sweet potatoes or dried fruit. A bundle of kale costs 60 cents. And guess what? In chip-format it's really quite tasty even to the non-veggie type people. Kale gives you an extra dose of brain fuel for those extra long working days.  RECIPE5. Nuts, and seeds make amazing snacks. They are filling, healthy, and can totally sit in your car for weeks without going bad.  READ THE BENEFITS