Won't you join the journey? (Part 1)

This Fall, I decided to go on a journey. And I invested a little to do it.Okay...actually, I'm investing a whole lot. Of money. Of time. Of energy, and thought, and work. Into myself and my business. It's more than I've ever spent on myself before, so for me it feels like a massive shift that can only lead to more wisdom and growth.I'm investing in 2 resources- business coaching and counseling that are beginning to help me dig a little to develop a lot........And I want to share the journey with you.I used to love the feeling of accomplishment. I would put my nose to the grind, and work super hard never stopping a moment to take a break, eat, or basically breathe- Ha! But when the goal was accomplished I'd announce it loud and proud and ready to celebrate with the world. But the problem with that way of working, was that I didn't allow myself to celebrate the true victories. The little stumbling blocks along the way when I'd fall down and pick myself back up were the victories that deserved the most celebration. Too many times we see the 'highlight reel' of people's lives on Facebook and Instagram. We see the 'big things' that happen but what about all the 'little things' that lead up to that moment?It's the practice, and the process, that define your character. I learned this lesson several years ago when I was being rebuilt after hitting my proverbial "bottom". I had to 'do the work' they told me. Which meant, repeating positive affirmations to myself -even when I didn't believe them. Suiting up and showing up when I felt like isolating and staying in when I felt like going out. Facing my fears with courage rather than running from them. Choosing each day to practice 'self-care' -even when I didn't feel like it or think it was helping. Sitting with my pain rather than trying incessantly to drown it out. Each choice I made, each day was a moment to be celebrated. So that when I reached a milestone in my journey, it felt like a day that was made up of so many choices from each day before it.Last year, I set myself to an intention to write one thing I was thankful for each day. You know what I ended up writing about? It wasn't the big things....it was the most joyful moments that in a week would probably be completely forgotten. That tuna wrap that tasted ON POINT. The time my husband tickled me till I laughed uncontrollably. The way the wind hit my face and sun beams made the water on the ocean look yellow-orange during sunset. The sound of rain hitting the window while I laid snuggled in bed with hot tea. The sweat bead that dripped from my chin when I balanced into crow pose on my yoga mat.What I'm learning is that it's the in between moments in life that we sometimes take for granted that tell the true story of our lives. The highlight reel is only the surface. But when pausing for just a moment longer, what becomes visible is not just the highlights, but rather ALL the colors and the vibrance of life itself. It is in becoming present to life, that we awake to all that life has to offer. When we slow down, and open up, we become increasingly awake to the joys, the sorrows, the passions, and the struggles. When we take the time to notice the in-between moments, we learn to value and appreciate the process of accomplishing rather than just the accomplishment. We revel and dance throughout the journey. We aren't limited to finding joy only when reaching the destination.So here I am, walking another new journey. Learning as I go. And I am inviting others to walk with me. To celebrate with me. To notice with me. To become present with me......Won't you join?