Tidying up: closet overhaul


The process:

  • 1. Assess + visualize.
  • 2. Empty closet + separate hanger types.
  • 3. Sort each piece using the 3 bin rule + joy questions.
  • 4. Organize 'keepers' by sections (dress shirts, t-shirts, dresses, pants, shoes, etc.) Use Konmari folding technique for bins.

Step 1: assess the situation, and create a vision. What do you want to FEEL when you walk into your closet?

Step 2: Empty everything out of the closet. Organize the hangers by style so that they do not get tangled.

Step 3: Hold each piece and ask the prompting questions. "Does it bring me joy?" "Do I wear it often?" Etc. Sort into 3 bins - keepers, Goodwill, and undecided. You may also have a "sell" bin as an additional 4th.

Step 4: Once through sorting, put all the 'keepers' back into the closet. Organize by style, and type of article. Example: all the shoes together in one area, all the pants together, all the dressy shirts together, etc.

Keep objects off the floor for visual appeal, and easy vacuuming access.

Enjoy visual aesthetics by color organization within each of the groupings.

In a shoe hanger, put frequently worn shoes at the easiest reachable position. Least worn can be higher and lower.

Keep heavy workout gear on a lower shelf to make it easy to access. Hang pants on sturdy wooden hangers since they are heavier.

Keeping all the shoes in one corner can make it easier to decide on which pair to choose when getting dressed since you can view them all in one glance.

Use bins to organize groupings of clothes like leggings, shorts, etc. and fold them the Konmari way so that you can easily see everything in one glance. Also, consider grouping items like bathing suits with beach cover-ups since they will be worn together.

Put seasonal clothing like bathing suits, and infrequently used items like luggage on top shelves. Rotate it to an easier to reach shelf when in season.